Welcome to the Harvard CUSD 50 Illinois E-Pay payment website. As part of our school's ongoing commitment to improve and upgrade services to our parents, we are now offering the electronic payment options listed below. We hope you will find this service easy and convenient to use.

Here are some important tips for using this service:

  1. You will need your child's student ID number which is located on HomeLogic or your Student Invoice. (Student Invoices are mailed once a month.) You may also call the Central Administration Office at (815) 943-4022.
  2. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.
  3. The Miscellaneous link is for fees such as fees for prior year fees or lost books.
  4. Partial payments are available online for student fees. If making a partial payment, enter the amount being paid today into the Partial Payment field Only. All partial payments will be applied to the student's oldest outstanding fee(s).

**NOTE: Student Athletic and Activity Fees are NOT available for partial payments. These fees must be paid in full at time of athletic/activity registration**

  1. Please be aware the MEAL ACCOUNT DEPOSITS are NOT AVAILABLE THE SAME DAY you make the deposit. It may take up to two (2) business days before your student can access the funds.

Instructions for paying for multiple children within the same payable.  Example if you have two "2" children in "Elementary School" you are able to pay for both children with one transaction.  If you have a child in Elementary and a child in Middle School, you will be required to make two separate transactions.

  • Complete the necessary section below for one child and click on "ADD TO CART".
  • You will return to main page and re-click on the live link.  Repeat for each child.
  • Click on "PAY NOW" once all students are registered.

Thank you for your participation!


Dr. Lauri Tobias

Payment Type (Please click the link below to make a payment.) We Accept
Elementary School Visa Master Card Discover American Express eCheck
ECE Registration Visa Master Card Discover American Express eCheck
Meal Account Visa Master Card Discover American Express eCheck
Harvard CUSD 50 - H.S.
Harvard CUSD 50 - J.H.

For assistance, please contact us at:
Harvard CUSD 50 - Central Administration
401 North Division Street
Harvard, IL 60033
(815) 943-4022